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Accounting Assistant - City of Commerce, CA

Will assistant accounting department with accounts payable, provide customer service/interact with vendors, perform data-entry, and bank reconciliation. Verifying federal ID numbers; scheduling and preparing checks; resolving purchase order, contract, invoice, or payment discrepancies and documentation; insuring credit is received for outstanding memos. Qualifications: Attention to detail, organized, ability to analyze information, accounting, vendor relationships, PC proficiency, data-entry skills.  RO/AA/CAI Posted 5/18/17


Sales Representative - La Puente, CA

Lead generation, appointment setting, sales presentations and hunting new accounts. Identify, target and develop relations with dermatologist, plastic surgeons, aestheticians, and skin care clinicians. Familiar with company’s specialized products, provide knowledgeable, consultative skin care solutions, assist and train clients to best utilize the products. Assist clients to resolve issues arising from the order, purchase, and use of the products. Attend tradeshows and network to generate referrals. Attend continual training and sales meeting with regional directors.  Ref: SE/EBI/CA Posted 5/18/2017


Sr. Software Engineer - Santa Barbara, CA

Develops, architects, integrates, tests and debugs and deploys software for company’s embedded and web-based scalable communications products.  Performs testing and code reviews.  Conducts troubleshooting analysis to identify and resolve software issues. Analyzes end-user requirements and develops solutions.  Designs and documents API between front-end and back-end.  Designs architecture and implements backend systems to provide robust, safe and scalable web service to support multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, web browser and desktop. Analyzes and troubleshoots software to resolve problems and documents problem resolutions for future research.  Contributes to design reviews for new and existing products. D2NC/SSE/CAI. Posted 5/17/17.


Software Engineer (Multiple openings) – Irvine, CA

To develop, implement and maintain client-server applications and business logic layers using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL, Server and stored procedures. Code software components in C#, C++, Visual Basic, NET, SQL, and related scripting languages. Perform web development using HTML5, JavaScript and related technologies. Requires Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Job site and interview: Irvine, CA. Mail your resume to Human Resources at Prism Software Corporation at 15500-C Rockfield Blvd., Irvine, CA 92618. PSC/SE/CAI. Posted 5/12/17.


Software Quality Assurance Engineer - Los Angeles, CA

Design and produce software to handle inventory, deliveries, sales, and payroll that is better suited for the expansion of the company. Maintain complete control over the entire software system. Coordinate and direct IT developers regarding the new systems required for expansion. Monitor software development to ensure design quality, and adherence to the standards set by the company. Develop testing programs that address database impacts, software scenarios, errors or bug resets. Engineer will be responsible for documenting test procedures to ensure replicability and compliance with standards. Additionally they will conduct software compatibility tests on software enhancements to improve distributing product to Asia and other countries, including barcoding products. Furthermore, the Quality Assurance Engineer will be responsible for system validation to ensure that all business requirements are being met. They will be responsible for system maintenance to monitor for bugs to be fixed, additional requirements and system enhancements as needed. Lastly, the Quality Assurance Engineer will identify system modifications that need to be made based on the supply and demand requirements. Apply to: Attn: Eddie Wang, Estelle Fragrances, Inc., 1419 Essex Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021. EFI/SQAE/CAI. Posted 5/9/17


Market Research Analyst - City of Industry, CA

Develop marketing strategies for projects, including company websites and social media, to promote the company's galvanized channel and strut fitting products. Collect and study market data, and recommend where the company may need to apply more or less efforts to obtain the highest sales results. Analyze data to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaign and the sales and purchasing data of customers and competitors. Collect, evaluate, and interpret findings from research studies across a variety of sales channels. Assist the President on developing and implementing marketing programs and plans. Create and execute lead generation programs. Plan and execute initiatives to reach the target audience through appropriate channels. Ensure creative marketing materials undergo regular review and adhere to brand guidelines. Develop and communicate marketing plans, campaign results and project recommendations to the President. Study competitors' marketing and distribution methods and their pricing by creating and administering surveys, questionnaires and other information research tools. Review and measure the effectiveness of strategies and revise strategies as needed to adopt the changes. Formulate the best strategies to market products and ultimately increase bottom line figures.  Requires a Master of Business Administration Degree in Marketing or the foreign degree equivalent and 24 months experience in position of any manager performs marketing analysis.

Applicants are required to mail their full detailed résumés to J&R Products, LLC, Attention Ryan Ng, at 19401 San Jose Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91748. Please write job code 2017PEFMRA in your cover letter. MRA/JRP/CAI. Posted 5/2/17


Bookkeeper - Los Angeles, CA

Requires 3+ years of experience in accounting, a 4 year degree, knowledge of  Quickbooks, able to multi-task, strong work ethic and attendance.  Must have strong communication skills.  Able to manage accounts payable/accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, and general ledger.  Should have good customer service skills, strong knowledge of MS Office, copy, scan, and filing.  BOC/ESC/CAI. Posted 4/28/17


General Office Clerk - Los Angeles, CA

Able to provide office support in a fast-paced environment, strong knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel), will answer phones, handle incoming and out-going mail, filing, data-entry, customer service, type 40+ WPM.  

GOC/API/CAI. Posted 4/28/17


Accountant - Los Angeles, CA

Analyze and interpret financial information for shipping company. Summarize transactions for financial records and organize data. Concentrate on tax matters for the business. Audit financial statements and ensure correct preparation of records of financial data. Bachelor’s degree plus two years experience in job required.  A/ESM/CAI Posted 4/28/17


Purchasing Assistant -  Cerritos, CA

Requires an individual with excellent Microsoft Office skills.  Must type 45+ wpm.  Responsibilities include order purchase, inventory management, suppliers management, spending analysis and cost monitoring, project management, and identifying merchandise. Bachelor's Degree in Business or equivalent  is required.

PA/ENI/CAI Posted 12/28/2017


Marketing Supervisor - Gardena, CA

Ottogi America, Inc. in Gardena, CA seeks Marketing Supervisor.

(1) Oversee the sales activities of Korean food company's products; (2) Monitor Korean food market conditions; (3) Consult customers about the Korean food company's products; (4) Train sales representatives. Send resume to HR at 1650 W. El Segundo Blvd. Gardena, CA 90249. MS/OAI/CAI.  Posted 4/13/17


Sales Manager -  Pomona, CA

Manage sales and distribution of seaweed, tea and soy products to retail stores and food service companies. Manage, train and evaluate sales staff in achieving sales targets, controlling and expanding sales.  Make decisions regarding product line up and new design package. Work with senior management regarding setting price, sales promotion, sales goals, and projecting sales growth. Resolve customer issue regarding products by working with closely with production department, logistic department, and quality control department.  Report monthly sales, trends of market, product issues, and on-going projects to senior management.  Employer – Yamamotoyama of America.  SM/YA/CAI Posted 4/11/17


Lead Bill & Accounts Collector - Los Angeles, CA

Needed F/T by wholesale jewelry company to lead team in locating and notifying delinquent customers; responsible for receiving payment and posting amount to customers’ account statements to credit department if customers fail to respond; keep records for collection and status of accounts.  Bachelor’s in Accounting +5 years in accounting-related position with knowledge of Jade accounting software.  Master’s degree in Accounting acceptable in lieu of experience.  Mail resume to job/interview site:  Paradise Jewelry, Inc., 550 S. Hill St. #802, Los Angeles, CA 90013.  LBAC/PJ/CAI Posted 4/7/17


Systems Developer - Torrance, CA

Leverage existing software systems and applications to modify, further develop and improve the company’s software systems and infrastructure consistent with established procedures, policies and strategies.  Analyze existing systems and user needs to design, develop and test applications needed to reach the company’s goals. Complete a variety of information programs for analytical and knowledge based applications.  Participate in interchange and communication between internal and external parties, external parties being customers, consultants, vendors, other company affiliates, etc.  Work with business users to analyze the enhancement requests, design solutions and implement change.  Work with the operations department in establishing improved processes utilizing information systems. Develop and modify user interfaces, reports and processes to meet business objectives.  Ensure information systems are providing effective and efficient informational support.  Plan and execute unit testing, QA testing, integration testing and regression testing.  Develop technical training materials for users and document all applications and systems for future reference.  Employer – Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.  SF/SD/CAI Posted 4/5/17


Computer Systems Analyst - Buena Park, CA

5400 Beach Blvd, Inc. is seeking a full-time Computer System Analyst for its Buena Park location. Job Responsibilities; Analyze, maintain and administer company’s inventory, network, server, and distribution systems; Program and maintain data management for inventory and point of sales entry systems; Analyze company requirements regarding computer hardware/software needs and intent, and provide assessments in updates/enhancements of company’s information systems within budget constraints; Report to company president regarding status and needs of information systems in non-technical, clearly understood language; Perform other duties as may be assigned. Associate’s Required. 48 months of experience as computer system analysts or related field. Mail copy of this ad to 5400 Beach Blvd, Inc., 5400 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90621. No calls or visits please. 5BB/CSA/CAI Posted 3/27/17


Maintenance Manager - Los Angeles, CA

Far Eastern Cleaner Corp. in Los Angeles, CA seeking Full Time Maintenance Manager.  Duties: Operate, maintain, repair dry cleaning machines, wet cleaning machines, boiler equipment, compressor equipment, dryer machines, vacuum systems, shirts machines; Cleaning and spotting garments and other fabrics; Replace chemical supplies and parts; Prepare documents required by AQMD for inspections, and perform other related duties as assigned. 2 years’ experiences required. Please mail resumes & ad copy to HR Dept., Far Eastern Cleaner Corp., 641 N Sepulveda Blvd., L.A., CA 90049.  No calls or visits please. FECC/MM/CAI Posted 3/9/17


Accountant - Huntington Beach, CA

Under the direct supervision of Managing Director to monitor the profitability and costs of hotel's operations and food and beverage. Gather information and analyze hotel operations, costs, revenues, financial resources, and expenditure to project future revenues and expenses. Perform financial analysis. Use QuickBooks to prepare and analyze accounting records, tax returns, and financial statements to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards. Prepare reports to compare budgeted costs to actual costs. Qualifications: A Master’s Degree in Business Administration or Accounting or the foreign degree equivalent. Experience is not required.  Applicants are required to mail their full detailed resumes to R.C. Hotels Inc., dba Hotel Huntington Beach, Attention to Julius Son, at 7667 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Please write job code 2017CAAccnt in your cover letter. RCH/A/CAI Posted 3/6/17


Landscape Architect – Buena Park, CA

Needed F/T by landscaping company to do design development and material selection, prepare drawing and specifications, schematics, manage projects, etc.  Bachelors in Fine Arts or Landscape Architecture, plus 2 years experience in landscape architecture.  Mail resume to job/interview site: Good Morning Landscaping, Inc., 8162 4th Street, #17, Buena Park, CA 90621.  GMLI/LA/CAI Posted 3/2/17


Restaurant Manager – Los Angeles, CA

Needed F/T by Japanese restaurant to prepare action plans; estimate costs; prepare budget; hire; train, and fire employees.  Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Tourism, or Hotel and Restaurant Administration, + 2 years experience as Japanese restaurant manager.  Mail resume to A Mi Japanese Restaurant, 1051 Broxton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024.  AMJR/RM/CAI Posted 2/23/17


Research and Development Manager - Hawthorne, CA

Responsible for developing, designing and engineering SpO2 Sensors, Temperature Probes, ECG Electrodes and OEM accessories.  Prepare engineering sketches, documents and specifications for products.  Develop, implement and evaluate complex designs, product manufacturing and clinical test trials and document all test results for future reference and analysis. Analyze and evaluate tests to ensure effectiveness.  Interact with manufacturing lead persons to support and resolve manufacturing and design-related issues. Participate in engineering and cross functional teams efforts to formulate, identify and implement customer oriented designs.  Prepare reports for review by senior management.  Employer – OSI Systems, Inc.. OSI/RDM/CAI Posted 2/22/17


General Manager – Compton, CA

Needed F/T by freight company to approve & review business plans for storage & distribution, budget, financial reports; oversee personnel; approve contracts, etc. Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Liberal Arts, or Humanities. Send resume to job/interview site: ACL America, Inc., 300 W. Artesia Blvd., #102, Compton, CA 90220. ACLAI/GM/CAI Posted 2/22/17


Restaurant Manager - Irvine, CA

Irvine BCD, Inc., in Irvine, CA seeks a Restaurant Manager.  Directing all daily operations of a popular Korean chain restaurant, executing restaurant policy, assigning work to restaurant staff, providing performance evaluations, and  monitoring the restaurant’s finances.  Send resume to HR at 2700 Alton Parkway, #135, Irvine, CA 92606. BCD/RM/CAI Posted 2/9/17


Sales Engineer - Las Vegas, NV

Confer with client’s managements and IT staff to develop a needs assessment concerning hardware, software and system requirements.  Ascertain how best to modify and customize products to meet the customers’ needs and technical specifications.  Collaborate with sales department personnel to fully develop customer requirements and better promote company solutions and provide technical support.  Prepare and present proposals and technical presentations to current and existing clients for solutions including responding to requests for proposals.  Explain capabilities of clients’ current systems and the benefits of customization including cost reductions and productivity improvement.  Prepare technical presentations for customers and deliver them over the Internet via webinars.  Serve as the company’s technical resource for helping customers understand and evaluate products and help them understand how products will make their operations more efficient and improve profitability. Sell and secure orders for customized solutions from customers.  Work with engineers to plan and modify product solutions and configuration to meet customer specifications.  Work with customers on installation issues and coordinate with engineers to resolve problems with installations. Provide technical support to clients and their staff regarding utilization, operation and usage of equipment and solutions. Employer – Billion Micro. BM/SE/CAI Posted 2/9/17


Machine Vision Engineer - Torrance, CA

Design and develop machine vision application software capable of high-precision fine object detection with zero false detects.  Requires Masters’s degree in Electronics Engineering or in Computer Science. Job site and interview: Torrance, CA.  Mail your resume to Industrial Dynamics Company Limited at 3100 Fujita St., Torrance, CA 90505. Attn: Leticia Rodriguez.  IDC/MVE/CAI Posted 1/16/17


Senior Associate - Walnut Creek, CA

Understand and be able to explain the reasons behind the firm's policies, procedures and practices and project management techniques; Coordinate work flow with client; resolve intermediate to advanced audit, accounting and client service issues; Review work papers and other products produced by lower level associates; and keep engagement progressing as planned and budgeted; Prepare time budgets on engagements; Assist in the planning of audit or client engagements. Audit complex areas such as debt, derivatives and/or unusual transactions. Report day-to-day work to engagement or client manager; Ensure all work papers are complete, consistent, and contain procedures performed, evidence obtained, and conclusions reached; Prepare draft financial statements; Acquire skills (and/or refine) necessary to develop quality client relationships, identify key issues facing clients and discuss possible solutions to increase quality and efficiency; Demonstrate complete command of all firm software. Develop a command of GAAP, GAAS, GAGAS** and any other common audit/tax techniques. Exhibit strong communications skills (verbal; written; presentation) with lower level associates, management/partners, and clients. Provide timely performance and behavior feedback to lower level associates via verbal discussions and/or engagement evaluations.  MGO/SA/CAI  Posted 1/16/17


Translator - Sherman Oaks, CA

Read written materials and rewrite material into Latin, Italian, and German. Translate messages consecutively into Latin, Italian, and German while maintaining message content, context, and style as much as possible. Analyze original texts to ensure that translations retain the content, meaning and feeling of the original material. Check translations of technical terms and terminology to ensure they are accurate and remain consistent throughout translation revisions. Compile terminology and information to be used in translations, including technical terms. Gather information on content and context of information to be translated.  Proofread, edit, and revise translated materials.  Identify and resolve conflicts related to the meanings of words.  Adapt documents to another language and culture. Requirements: Bachelors degree in Literature or a related field, 24 months of experience as a translator or related, fluent in written Latin, German and Italian. To apply, contact: Niceya Corp., Attn: Howard Rootenberg, 15422 Sutton Street, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. NC/T/CAI Posted 1/13/17


Mechanical Engineer - Torrance, CA

Handle mechanical design for Li-lon battery pack design projects. Responsible for documentation, design concept generation. Generate SolidWorks 3D design model, 2D CAD layout and detail drawing generation (including mechanical drawings, assembly drawings, and label packaging drawings).Perform detail mechanical parts design and make design verification and validation. Responsible for leading efforts to troubleshoot and resolve mechanical system and technical problems encountered during development and production. Continuous improvement on production processes, tools, and fixtures. Inputting/controlling raw materials and bill of materials to support manufacturing. Support various team efforts on incremental improvement projects to support company goals. Interact with customers to discern product specifications and production employees to properly convey design intent. Confers with representatives of material and component vendors to obtain information related to design quality and cost requirements, capacity of vendor to meet orders, and vendor quality standards.

TMI/ME/CAI Posted 1/12/17


Bookkeeper - City of Commerce, CA

Analyze financial reports and ensure legal compliance, oversee accounts payable and receivable and manage invoices and payments.  Line item entries into ERP system, bank statement reconciliation, prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements. General ledger reconciliation, produce and present profit and loss spreadsheets, budget preparation and management. AC/B/CAI Posted 1/11/17


Computer Graphic Artist - Santa Monica, CA

Design and produce computer-generated graphics and visual effects for both print and web.  Interact with clients to get their brief and create 3D models and texturing, create special effects, animation, and other visual Images using electronic tools including Maya, Houdini and Nuke, to achieve client's desired goals.  Provide support through various models and lighting setups. Job Requirement: Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, Visual Effects or related.  Mail resume to Jamm Visual, Inc., 1637 12th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404 Attn: CEO. JVI/CGA/CAI Posted 1/11/2017


Lead Manufacturing Engineer - Santa Fe Springs, CA

Direct, coach, and administer daily operations of Manufacturing Engineering team. Identify, initiate, and implement continuous improvement solutions for process. optimization, cost reduction, and yield enhancements across product lines in production. Actively participate as a key program team member with all functions: Design, Quality, Purchasing and Manufacturing. Create and manages project work-scope, budgets, spend rates, change management, and critical path schedule on assigned projects. Lead efforts to improve safety, quality, delivery and productivity through the use of ergonomics, time studies, procedural analysis, product design/redesign and specification of tooling, fixturing, controls and mechanization/automation. Determine the most efficient utilization of personnel and equipment by analyzing work force utilization, work center layout, material flows, production costs, process flow, and production requirements. Prepare and present cost justifications, equipment specification and design options, project plans, and support information to meet the business needs. Ensure that manufacturing processes are capable of producing to product specification reliably and consistently. 40 hours per week, Full time. Requirement: Master’s in Manufacturing Systems Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering. Mail resume to Pro-Tech Design and Manufacturing, Inc., 14561 Marquardt Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Attn: Aaron Swanson. PTDM/LME/CAI Posted 1/10/2017


Chief Technology Officer - Los Angeles, CA

Honey Science Corporation is seeking a full time Chief Technology Officer in Los Angeles, CA. Job Duties: Architect the company's software products, ensuring all components are scalable, feature-complete, and maintain production quality; Lead the company's team of software engineers and manage their tasks, processes and workflows; Build and scale the engineering team with new hires at all levels of experience; Manage the company's complete distributed infrastructure, performing setup, configuration, scaling, maintenance and issue resolution tasks; Design, maintain and guarantee the security of the infrastructure, web servers, databases, and stored information; Architect, implement, maintain and lead the development team for a cross-platform eCommerce browser extension with millions of users; Architect, implement, maintain and lead the development team for the company's backend and analytics systems; Contribute to all stages of the software development process, from prototype to production, as full-stack engineer; Other related duties as may be assigned. 3 years of experience required, and the minimum education requirement is a master’s degree in Computer Engineering or related field. Special requirements required: Hands-on experience with Node.js, sinon.js, Istanbul.js, express.js, require.js, angularJS, JQuery, react, angular, redis, Cassandra, mongo, Google and Amazon cloud storage, analytics, data store, mySQL, C++, Java, Python, Amplitude analytics, and Google, Safari, Firefox extension SDKs. Knowledge of cryptography, data science, date sharing, machine learning, network optimization and security, as well as virtualization. Send resumes and copy of job AD to HR department, Honey Science Corporation, 600 Wilshire Blvd., STE 1650, Los Angeles, CA 90017. No Phone calls or visits please. HSC/CTO/CAI Posted 1/9/2017


Market Development Specialist -  San Antonio, TX

Identify new market opportunities & perform research. Mail CV to: 2032 Evangeline Hospitality, LLC/ Shehmir, 3500 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX 78209 Ref: MDS/EHLLC/TX Posted 12/22/2016


Technical Sales Manager – San Jose, CA

Responsible for managing sales staff by setting pricing, sales discounts, sales goals and projecting sales growth. Manage, train and evaluate sales team in achieving sales targets and controlling sales and service programs to expand the scale of company’s LCD business in the United States.  Review sales progress reports and trends to project sales and profit margins and report to the President.  Consult with current and prospective customers regarding needs and specifications.  Make decisions regarding product designs and approve specifications for the design and development of new LCD products and to characterize next generation products (like in-cell touch, 4K2K, IGZO, GOA, OLED and IPS-like display) based upon customer feedback and specifications.  Monitor industry and customer preferences to better focus sales.  Resolve customer issues regarding products by working closely with company’s business units, design centers, engineers, and quality assurance personnel.  Confer with internal engineers to review product schematic, PCB layout, timing controller, scaling IC and power management to verify they adhere to product optical characteristics, image quality, signal integrity and power on-off sequence as required by customers.  Responsible for post-sales issues and overseeing sales team’s work with clients when there are performance issues. Work closely with other managers and their engineers to ensure outcomes are satisfactory to customers.  Employer – Lattice Data, Inc.  Ref: TSM/LDI/CA Posted 12/21/2016  


Software Engineer – Menlo Park, CA

Develop and modify data intelligence software systems for a variety of domains such as general public data, insurance, law enforcement, financial services, and healthcare.  Develop software developer tools for machine learning and statistical inference with DeepDive.  Develop softwaree components and scripts using programming languages such as SQL, Python, Shell, Julia, and Scala.  Perform data science, experimentation and testing activities in the process of developing software systems.  Conduct systematic data inspection and analysis to ensure nhigh quality o0f the software systems.  Stay abreast of DeepDive open-source system evolution and integrate the latest features of DeepDive into company’s software development environment. Prototype company’s data intelligence software system components using natural language processing and statistical inference. Employer – Lattice Data, Inc.  Ref: SE/LDI/CA Posted 12/21/2016


Director of Product – Menlo Park, CA

Plan, direct and coordinate the operations of the Product Department focusing on product and platform development and technical roadmap priorities. Set department standards and milestones in product development. Formulate and implement department procedures and technical activities associated with the design, development and deployment of portions of the company’s data programming and data extraction products. Review and approve project design plans, changes and coordinate activities with cross-functional teams across the product, business development and engineering organizations.  Assign responsibilities and work to department computer professionals.  Review and consider customer needs, compliance requirements, risk considerations and industry best practices to determine best-in-class data-extraction solutions. Consult with customers to drive customer-led innovation through all facets of the company’s data programming and data extraction products.  Regularly meet with other managers and business partners to develop company-wide vision and structure how this translates into product development requirements and plans. Employer – Lattice Data, Inc. Ref: DOP/LDI/CA Posted 12/16/2016


Graphic Designer – Los Angeles, CA

The Korea Times Los Angeles, Inc. seeks Graphic Designer. The job duties are (1) establishing digital graphic standards, (2) preparing sketches and layouts for product illustrations, logos and website, (3) creating concepts and designs for logos, banners and product illustrations, and (4) using computer software to make new images. Send resume to HR Department of the Korea Times Los Angeles, Inc. at 3731 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Floor. Los Angeles, CA 90010 Ref: GD/TKTLA/CA Posted 12/13/2016


Business Development Specialist – Los Angeles, CA

Develop marketing strategies to support established objectives while taking into consideration market conditions, costs and markup factors. Oversee the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, and development appropriations. Develop pricing strategies that assist meeting firm objectives and customer satisfaction. Utilize strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of products and service by analyzing business developments and monitoring market trends. Manage contracts with vendors and distributors to regulate product distribution, and establish distribution networks in order to develop distribution strategies. Oversee market activities and policies to promote products and services while working with advertising and promotion managers. Coordinate with legal team to address issues, such as copyright infringement or royalty sharing with outside distributors. Promote market research studies and analyze their findings. Ref: BDS/CGI/CA Posted 12/12/2016 


Electrical Engineer - Napa, CA

Responsible for developing technical schematics and system specifications for solar powered electrical systems.  Conduct complex calculations to design, develop and install solar-power systems.  Utilize knowledge of engineering principles to research, design, and evaluate electrical products, equipment, systems and processes to meet requirements.  Conduct failure analysis testing and recommend design modifications. Research system failures to ascertain reasons for failures and to determine the best components to be incorporated for an onsite co-generation (engine, steam/gas turbine) and/or solar systems with or without batteries.  Maintain electrical systems, components and testing documentation. Employer – Bright Power, Inc. Ref: EE/BPI/CA Posted 11/18/2016


Budget Analyst - Los Angeles, CA

M & K Trading Inc. is seeking a full time budget analyst. Job duties: Analyze current and past financial data and accounting records to determine the optimal distribution of financial resources; Prepare forecast reports of future financial requirements; Establish/implement/maintain annual budget system and prepare/submit recommendation reports for budget allocations; Investigate and analyze accounting/financial records and reports to identify areas of improvement for efficiency costs minimization; Monitor and review each departmental budget by analyzing financial reports and accounting records to ensure compliance with budget; Prepare and submit reports of discrepancies and other deviations from budget must be reported to upper management explaining the variations with recommendations on reconciling the differences through revised budget procedues, such as diverting excess funds from other resources; Other related duties as assigned. Bachelor in Business Administration or related and knowledge of Quickbooks required. Send resumes to M & K Trading Inc. 3185 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90023. No Phone calls or visits please. Ref: BA/MKT/CA Posted 11/14/2016.


Market Analyst - Torrance, CA

Research local and regional accounting and business consulting market focusing on the company’s target industries, geographic areas, target company sizes and competitors.  Analyze statistical data such as company hiring trends, operations, ownership, entity structure, client industry trends, government market reports, target company demographics, and other important market data and prepare marketing reports for company’s business development and growth.  Analyze competitor pricing, sales and marketing methods for comparative analysis.  Monitor client satisfaction utilizing surveys conducted by other staff members and prepare reports and presentations to manager. Employer – Cal Book Accounting Systems, Inc. Ref: MA/CBAS/CA Posted 11/04/2016.






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