The job interview is a time shine, an opportunity to be positive and reflect a demeanor of confidence.  The interviewer will  be looking for someone that will be pleasant to have around, looks sharp, and acts professional.  Often times the interview is more of a “what you did wrong” to exclude you than it is what you did right.  Most people will shoot themselves in the foot in one or more ways during an interview.  For the interviewer, it’s a process of elimination... What you did wrong, rather than what you did right!  The goal of EVERY interview should be to progress to the stage of getting a job offer... Whether you feel the opportunity is right for you or not (You don’t have to take the job)!  Each interview is a practice opportunity as well! The name of the game is to win!  Win job offers!


Here is a list of things you want to avoid during an interview!  Job applicants are frequently rejected because of the following behaviors or characteristics:

Questions to ask interviewer



Reasons for leaving a job