A FACT FOR EMPLOYERS: It’s easier and more productive to outsource the Human Resource responsibilities and administrative functions in your business.  Chances are what you are best at, what you like devoting your time and energy to, is creating the best product or service you can, working with customers and prospects to drive sales activity and motivating your staff to do their best. It’s not about paperwork, worrying and employer frustrations. You take care of your business success, we take care of everything administrative behind the scenes giving your leadership team the time and energy to be a market leader in your industry, a company with great management-- the companies people really like to work for because they get the support, structure and benefits they expect and deserve. 


When your business needs a few extra hands, Career Advantage is ready with screened candidates!


Our rates are 25% - 50% lower than other agencies!  


We provide personnel for the following fields:



There are times when traditional recruiting methods simply can't satisfy a demanding position. Our staff will research the industry and develop a focused list of sources to contact and directly present the opportunity to qualified candidates that are not actively in the job market.

When you just can't find what is required to satisfy that tough job to fill, we will recruit and refer Working Visa candidates that meet your needs! Many of the countries major corporations take advantage of this government directed program to satisfy their toughest requirements. You can too!


•  Accounting & Finance

•  Administrative/Office Support

•  Engineering & Technical

•  Information Technology

•  Medical/Health




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