Career Advantage opened its first office in February 2001, and has more than doubled in size since.  


Staff  members have a background and proven career history in recruitment, career counseling, and personnel management.  


All staff members are college graduates, with degrees ranging from Behavioral Science, Psychology, Business, and Organizational Development .


We will never stop refining our skills, and will continue to stay on top of industry trends! We are where we are today because we have placed our candidates where they want to be.

About us

Career Advantage is proud to be celebrating  our 16 year anniversary!  


Looking back it’s easy to define what has been important to us.  Placing our candidates with client companies that will provide long-term career satisfaction!


A “job” is something many seek... But a career is what we try to find for our clients.  A career can offer satisfaction that a job never will.  A career is something you cultivate, grow with, and in doing so gain something money cannot buy.... Pride and respect!  Pride of one self, as well as from loved ones.


Of course, you will need that paycheck to polish that pride!