The employees we have sponsored from Career Advantage have been of the highest caliber.  They have preformed well, interacted satisfactorily both with patients and staff.  They have completed the tasks set forth and have assisted our company in its growth.


Should we need further assistance with our staffing needs, we will be sure to call upon Career Advantage.



Gladys W., Office Manager


“My life turned around when Career Advantage helped me find a sponsor for my working visa. With their employment connections to Los Angeles’ most respected companies coupled with years of experience they have placed me in the hands of a company that not only sponsored me to work, but also through obtaining my permanent status. Career Advantage has been my gateway for living and working in America .”


Racquel S. Alpasan, Accountant, Torrance, CA


“I’m so happy I found Career Advantage!  I trusted them with my future and they came through and now I’m working for a company I really love!  My family is now here with me, and it’s like a dream come true.


Thank you to everyone at Career Advantage!”


Racquel Pelayo


“When I first came to the U.S., I didn’t know anything about how to find a job and get a Working Visa. Now I feel like an expert!  It wasn’t easy choosing an agency, but Career Advantage knew what they were talking about, and I made the right choice.  It took a few interviews, and I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but finally it did.  Career Advantage guided me through each and every step of the employment process, as well as the legal process to getting my green card!


I would strongly recommend Career Advantage to anyone considering working in the U.S.!”


Albert Constantino


“Just want to say THANK YOU Career Advantage from the bottom of my heart!!!!  I honestly don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for the AWESOME staff of Career Advantage!  I love you guys!!!”


Jeffrey De Leon, Electrical Engineer, Los Angeles, CA


“When you asked if I would write a testimonial about my experience with Career Advantage, I didn’t know where to start.  It’s been a long journey from the Philippines, with my ambitions and dreams, my fears and worries… I could write a book about it!  All I can really say is thank you so very much for being there, for every question, every worry, and all my anxiety.  I know I must have driven you all crazy!  I love the job you helped me get and hope I can work here forever!  As you know, I’m filing my LC and looking forward to furthering the process and becoming a citizen someday!  My family will be here in April, it’s been so long since I’ve seen them. I have Career Advantage to thank for everything. More power to you!


Vivian Abogado


“I would like to take this opportunity in behalf of my family in expressing our outmost gratitude to Career Advantage in securing our Green Card. Here is a short story on what we've been through. We came here last as a tourist to visit friends & relatives. After a few months we decided to stay, if I could get a Working Visa. We secured the services of Career Advantage to find us a sponsor. Unfortunately, H1-b was closed, so with the advise of Career Advantage I got an H3 visa while waiting for the H1-b to open. After a few months my H3 was approved and I tried to get an H1-b when it opened but was denied! My H3 was about to expire so they advised me again that my only choice is to get an F1 visa just to keep in status while they will start processing my EB2 which is always current. Months passed and my L.C. was finally approved, and after 6 months we got our Green Card. We thank you again for your patience, flexibility and in guiding us in the right path. We will definitely recommend Career Advantage to our friends who will come here & want to get their Green Card. Another success for Career Advantage!!!”


Manuel Tuason Jr.


“I believe that every individual in the workforce yearns for the chance to grow professionally and be competent, but that very chance is slim to none to someone who is a starter; someone who never had a solid experience, someone who is barely starting a career or changing a career path.


I am glad for Career Advantage and its staff for giving me the chance and for believing in me. Now, I work for a law firm as a legal secretary with a wonderful boss. Although, I am fairly new, I am very excited and always happy to go to work as I meet the satisfaction of a challenge and the gratification of learning.


Thanks so much, I would always appreciate the chance you gave me. :))


Sincerely yours,

Shasta O. Taguran


“I started a small law firm and was looking for an administrative assistant to help me manage and grow the office.  I told Career Advantage that I wanted someone that was smart and enthusiastic that I could train to meet my needs.  After interviewing several good candidates, I chose one that turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.  As an added benefit, Career Advantage allowed me to hire the person on a temp-to-hire basis, so that I could make sure the fit was right before I invested the time and energy into making a permanent hire.”


William B., Attorney


“I got my green card about a year and a half ago. When I first came to the US, I was completely oblivious on how to legally get a job and my green card. Luckily, a good friend of mine referred me to Career Advantage.  They knew the process and the system so well and they were able to guide me thru as quick as possible. The staff at Career Advantage was very accommodating and on top of things. The lawyers they use are very reliable. They made my journey a memorable one.”




I will forever be grateful to Career Advantage!  The agency has not only assisted me in finding a secure job from a petitioning established employer but it has also ascertained that I will be placed in an organization which I can grow and develop a career of my own while awaiting for the release of my Green Card.   The staff of Career have always been very helpful and accommodating in coordinating my queries and/or follow-ups with the law firm in reference to my immigration papers.  Thank you to the management and staff of Career Advantage and more power.


Antonio Del Rosario


From the moment I walked in the door and met Vanessa and May, I knew that I am in good hands. I came in the United States as a tourist and would not have thought that it is possible for me and my husband to become permanent residents in less than a year. Their expertise in recruitment, knowledge of the immigration system, detailed instructions and immediate answers to questions far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this recruitment agency and I want to say a million thanks to them for helping me, my husband and a lot of people live our American dream!


- A.L.S. -